For our Messieurs Boutiques representing agents, designers or brands interested in purchasing or promoting any of our products as an Agents on a Wholesale basis for retail in your boutiques or place sample orders for your showroom. We offer you to buy or develop directly from India at our special wholesale prices and services.

To avail of this service, you will be able to purchase from India through our existing stock item or place your placement enquiries, samples and orders on any articles you may desire us to manufacture for you, with secure and easy payment gateway like paypal, swift bank transfer etc.

The terms and conditions that apply, will be advised to you accordingly.

Should you find yourself interested in resourcing or developing your own products for home furnishing volume production or decorative items in wood, iron, silver ware, crystal glass or ceramic please browse through our sister concern www.aieindia.com

For any further details or enquiries kindly contact us.